Absurd Walls (formerly Ludiorum) is a game development outfit consisting of Adam Waggoner and sometimes friends. Adam has been making games since the 2010's, focusing on thought-provoking gameplay.


Early History

Making games has been the singular focus of Adam Waggoner from a very young age. At 11, he taught himself how to code and make games in gamemaker. Then, over the next several years, he honed his craft through game jams and small projects. in 2016 Adam won 4th place in the Gamejolt GDC game jam and was able to demo his game at GDC. In the same year, Adam teamed up with 3D artist Josh O'Caoimh for that year's Adventure jam. They made a game called Torpor. After its release, Torpor was played by Markiplier in a video with over 1 million views.


Throughout college, Adam worked on a game called Eighteen. It was about picking flowers on a mysterious island. He released this game in 2017, but, unfortunately this would be the last game he released for a long time. With the forces of developing his own games, studying computer science, and helping run a game development club pressing in on him, Adam suffered a stress induced psychotic break in 2018.

Of Moons and Mania

While recovering, Adam continued to make games for school. He would occassionally join game jams when the opportunity arose, but overall he found himself struggling against his brain to really make anyting worth releasing. He would spend most of this time developing a simple game engine. Then, in 2021, he decided to make a game to express what he went through during his mental health crisis. He spent the next year making Of Moons and Mania which comes out later this year.



Of Moons and Mania TrailerYouTube

Markiplier Playing TorporYouTube

Eighteen TrailerYouTube

Awards & Recognition

  • "Gamejolt GDC Jam, 4th Place" Retrostasis, February, 2016

Selected Articles

  • [Torpor] is an exemplary illustration of how video games can expand on difficult conversations like health, death and emotional complexities.
    Shraddha Nair, StirWorld

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Adam Waggoner
Primary Developer
Josh O'Caoimh
3d Artist, Occasional Collaborator